urgent help req. mobo=psu

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im using intel D865GBF... just now i'm confirmed that ANTEC will send me that TX10503 cabinet, which comes with a 500W v2.0 PSU....

now, will be work with my mobo or should i have to go for 400/450W PSU. means D865GBF will support 500W v2.0 PSU or not.

second query:

i have a 5200 fx GC, now i want to connect with the TV, card has a cable, can i just plug it to the AV input point on the TV, or there are other process....


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Did u win the cabinet or something ???

anyways dont worry the smartpower 2.0 500w psu will work fine with the intel original d865gbf board , the psu will be having a 24-pin power connector with a detachable 4-pin section for backwards compatibility with ATX 20-pin motherboards.

and for your second query ya u just have to connect the provided cable to the av input of the tv. it will work fine.
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