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Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism


a.k.a VipER
Hi to everyone, its been a long time aye. After a long span of time, I saw Bullet500 on my clan's server. Felt good to see TDF guys still playing. Just dropped in to say Hi to you guys.

Btw, anyone wanna host now?


Call me D_J!
Hi! Just wanted to ask one ques., is it possible to play Urban Terror in Win7?....mine is showing some OpenGL errors while executing....please reply....


Call me D_J!
^ Ya, i know that...but it is created once the game is started...the details of the my game settings gets stored but in my case, the game itself is not running so that file is not created.


Call me D_J!
^ Wait! i am downloading the Intel GMA driver for win 7. If this doesn't work i will do that..

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@Klaw: That file didn't work....


Eh, DJ, m'boy, we dont need no gfx cards for UrT, itz working $hit fine on ma old goddarn sytem, wid integrated gfx, and a friggin' ol Intel C2D E4500@2.20 Ghz.


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The most powerful handgun in the world is coming to Urban Terror!
Mister Bean is finished with the work on the .44 Magnum and we are proud to announce that it will be included in the next release of Urban Terror.

Think loud, accurate, and lots of power!


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Now thats a "SR8 of the handguns."

Krazzy Warrior

"Aal Izz Well"

I've even heard that DE will have 14 bullets instead of 7. If it damage rate, speed and accuracy remains the same then it will become a deadly weapon.
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