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[FONT=&quot]Amitava82 that’s sweet of you to donate server
wish I had the time to play but other things on my plate right now


Overlord v2.0
Electricity conditions had prevented me from playing in the past few days. Things seem to be going uphill right now. So I guess, 1337_n008 is back! Anyone hosting?


Cyborg Agent
Hey i'm new to UT.I've downloaded the zip file.I'm using Vista+Sp2 beta.
The problem is every time i try to execute ioUrbanTerror.exe i'm stuck with a blank screen and no response,i had to hard restart every time.
How can i start the game?


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^ Graphic card and driver? 9600GT?

Try downloading the latest Forceware drivers.


Cyborg Agent
Reinstalled 182 version of geforce 9 series drivers.
Still no use this time a console window with blue blackground appeared and vista frooze as soon as that console window opened,had to hard reboot again.


Overlord v2.0
^^ I use Vista. I am able to run the game without a hiccup! (If you don't count my shooting skills as a hiccup! :D)

Also, what happened to the trackmaniaaaaa (;)) thread. Did you guys abandon that game?
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