Uranium Bottle

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nice dude,
please tell us from where your friend is, and also post the picture of the bottle showing the rice and the water trick.

Threads like this should be encouraged so we can have some laugh. :D :D


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nvidia8800 said:
Stop jokin dude.
Post some pics of the """"URANIUM BOTTLE"""". :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

I Am not joking. my apology to all the forum members who thought that this was a joke or prank. I have not seen the bottle myself. as he is not ready to show me the bottle saying that its very risky business. I'll try to see the bottle myself and prove that. I just trusted my friend, so i posted it here. I think i'm not getting the answer that he/i needed. SO mods please lock this topic as i have not confirmed it to be a guinuine one. If it is so i will post again with pics.

Thanks folks


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the buyer should probably book a permanent bed in a hospital as cancer wont be far back.

btw this is probably the wackiest thing i have seen on thinkdigit


Just make sure you dont add some nitric acid to it. If you do, then sometimes, a Uranium monster will be created!
The Uranium monster is the reason why life doesnt exist on Mars.

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hey.....I saw this thread for d first time........I hav heard somthing like this. Its something called "rice spool".........nd wow its so damn costly thing. One of ma frnd said this........he ws in some illegal trade with these things. It hav some spl properties and he didn't mentioned watz its surpose is, but said something like used by US military or something like dat for aircraft or something like dat, and got its name b'coz it attracts 'spool of rice' nd hav some magnetic properties......


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dude why on earth would you go through such a old thread?
it must have been in some 20th page or so.

anyways where in the name of god did your friend get into such business?
no offence.

does he atleast have AMD SPIDER?
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