UPS for 450W PSU?


Got a whack on head!
Hi friend!
I'm planning to buy an UPS for my PC. My PC configuration is
  • intel i3 processor
  • 4 Gb ddr3 corsair
  • 1tb seagate hdd
  • 450W SMPS
  • iball modem
  • creative 2.1 speakers
  • samsung B2030 montitor

I will connect my modem,monitor,speaker and of course CPU to my UPS. Please help me to choose best ups for this configuration. I want the backup time of 5 mins to 10 mins.
Please tell me the UPS brand and model for both 5mins and 10mins.
Thank you so much.


SoLa BeLLaToR...
The processor has a low TDP and you don't have highly power consuming stuff like GPU. So go for an APC/Numeric 600VA.
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