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Upgrading Graphics

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Obsessed with Technology
My existing system is
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
1 GB Ram (256 MB Allocated for video)
MSI K9ngm2 (ATI Radeon X1200-Integrated)

I am running XP Pro and Vista Ultimate.

I find vista somewhat sluggish and slow and i am able to run crysis at all low settings.

I am planning to buy a graphics card in the range of Rs 5000-8000 and will it boost the performance of vista and games

And i need to backup up softwares, music, videos, etc and i want to buy portable harddisk. Please can u quote the best one of capacity of 160 GB


^^If you can spend a little more then you can buy the 9600GT.
Btw, even if you get a new graphics card, you cant play all games in Vista with just 1GB ram. Upgrade Ram to 2 GB.


Cyborg Agent
If you are not into hardcore gaming and are pretty much happy with medium level settings for graphics for games, i would suggest AMD HD3650 GPU for ~ 4.8k or so and use the remaining money on upgrading system memory to 2GB minimum to make a balanced system.


Obsessed with Technology
Thanks, So now i should do which of these
1)ASUS EN8600 GT
2)AMD HD3650 GPU + 1 GB Ram(will become 2 GB Ram)

How would it affect my decision in Xp and Vista


Wise Old Owl
hey extend ur budget slightly to get a 9600GT for around 9k . .but make sure u have a good psu ( atleast 26A on 12 volt rail ) ..


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As Sagar made a point get urself a decent 500w PSU which is a must if u gonna get urelf a new GPU.

For casual gaming-AMD 3650,8600GT,n few days back AMD has launched there new GPU 3830 i m not sure if its available,check before buying.

Get any of the above gpu,n get urself a 1GB ram.1+1=2Gb is a must these days.


Go for a En8600gt wit a powersafe 500W or Coolermaster Rp600 PCAR 600w PSU, if ur upgradin later on 2 alpha dog 8800 GT also it wont be a prob... :D;)


Ambassador of Buzz
go for 9600gt. ... .brilliant card....it supports a new feature compared to previous regarding vista....it doesnt disable some aero effects while watching movies..
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