unlcocked 560 it is right or not?


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Dear Friends,
I have amd phenom x2 560 processor with gigabyte ga-880gm usb3 mobo. with 8 gb ram.
PSU is vip gold 500 watt . with circle ubercool cabinet with 5 fan.
I have unlocked my processor now i have 4 cores instead of 2. The windows 7 index show 7.3 with unlocking without it was 6.5. Many says 560 should not unlock ed or if u do you should have 140 tdp what is this?
should i back to my 2 cores?


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stress the PC running Prime95, OCCT or similar stability test. If it stays stable, keep it as it is. You don't need to worry about TDP. It'll never approach 140W even under load.
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