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Unexpected shutdown...twice


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Yesterday I was watching movies in full screen mode in VLC player when suddenly my system shutsdown. I was taken aback. Mobo light was on. Pressed the power button but nothing comes. Then putoff the switch from behind the PSU and put on again. Now pressed the power switch again and system started. can it be a PSU prob?

All these happened around 5.30p.m. to 6

After entering in the windows I checked WHO CRASHED but it is not showing any crash dump analysis.

There is no .dmp file under minidump also and no BSOD pops up before shutdown.

Then opened the Device Manager and saw APC software marked by yellow icon. Uninstalled it immediately.

After that at around 11 p.m. IT HAPPENED AGAIN. This time also there is no BSOD and I was watching movie in VLC in full screen mode. Uninstalled VLC and installed again. Even if I assume that VLC was malfunctioning will the whole system go for a toss?

No dump file created in minidump this time also.

This time I entered in EVENT VIEWER and have seen the logs. For both the times when it shuts down its written KERNEL-POWER critical preceded and followed by several ERROR , WARNING.(will post screenshot after going to home)

Full scan in KIS 2011 done with no issue. HDD CHK in HDD SENTINEL done with no bad sector sign.
No abnormal temps observed.(mobo-33 CPU-41)

Not able to understand whether the problem is SOFTWARE or HARDWARE related. Pls help me out as I have almost everything in my cabby under warranty but cannot pinpoint the culprit.


OS WIN 7 32 without SP1

no catalyst installed, no audio driver from mobo dvd installed.]

Any solution?
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First of all set it up so it records crash dumps:

1. Right click my computer >>> Properties.
2. Advance System setting >>> Settings under "Startup and recovery".
3. Under system failure section : check both options, and select "small memory dump".
4. Ok it.

Do not panic, I doubt it is the PSU.


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Will do that.
today before coming to office i have started my pc and it is still running without any abnormal shutdown.I have reinstalled VLC and a movie is running in full screen mode. after reaching home at 12 a.m. i will do some test.
1) your method.
2)mem test(with one stick at a time) for 6 hrs
3)p95 torture testing for an hour(choosing BLEND)

will it help in detecting the prob?


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No....do not do any stress test. Please. Just run it normal and keep memory dumping on.


I think you should try swaping psu with some other pc. Your psu might be good enough to run right now(i mean not 100% bad for now), but its better to check it and resolve it before it damage your other pc components.


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I have run PRIME 95 with SPEEDFAN , AMD OVERDRIVE BOARD STATUS and HW MONITOR keeping open. The test was run for an hour without any BSOD, SUDDEN CRASH or UNEXPECTED SHUTDOWN.

P.S. this is done with both the RAM stick installed.



  • putting TEST PARAMETER




BASIC MEMORY TESTING with win tools. At 100% also it did not detect any memory problem.



Cyborg Agent
Re: Unexpected shutdown...twice...now thrice

today morning it happens again. But WHO CRASHED shows nothing. minidump is activated.


After the incident, started system immediately and within a few minutes it shutdowns again. then Removed one RAM but it happens again after 15 mins. Removed other RAM and installed previous one. currently running while i am writing this.

one thing i have noticed after when it shuts down mobo light remains on. i press the power button but it fails to trigger. i need to switch off my UPS and then switch it on to start the SYSTEM.

PSU ISSUE? IF YES i will RMA it. But what shld i tell them if they ask what is the problem of the product?

Also what will i get in exchange as 450 vx is a discontinued product.


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It could be a PSU/UPS/MoBo issue.

First, try running the PC without the UPS. Connect the PSU cord directly to the wall socket. If the problem persists then it could be the PSU or the Motherboard that's bad. To test it, borrow a cheap from someone. (an iBall unit will do)
If the issue still persists then your motherboard is the culprit, if its fixed then your PSU is.

You'll most probably get the CX500 v2 as a replacement if at all the PSU has issues.


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problem is, when it will go off is uncertain. so installing another PSU will not help me instantly. Last incident happened on 12/12 and then today. today at the time of incident i was just browsing my bank account.

betwn UPS & PSU there is a belkin surge protector. i do not have any friend in this world(LITERALLY) who could lend me a PSU. so i cannot test that. one more thing those PRIME 95 TEST runs successfully which proves IMO there is no hardware issue. Then it could be a PSU .


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Re: Unexpected shutdown...twice...now thrice

PSU ISSUE? IF YES i will RMA it. But what shld i tell them if they ask what is the problem of the product?

I am not sure but it looks like that as there is no dump file of the crash. This means it is kind of external power failure.
Can you cross check with another PSU?

Or, send your PSU for RMA. :unsure:


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And so ends this thread? It looks like a PSU issue.

When you say the power-on switch on the cabinet doesn't respond, it seems like you boot directly from the PSU without touching those switches once again. That is one of the flags for PSU issues. In some cases, clearing the CMOS is required for each boot.

What do you tell them as you RMA?

If you do have it tested(recommended), I believe you will find the 12volt line a little low, nearer to 11v and far away from the official tolerance limit of 11.4v. A good PSU would supply ~12v(+/- 0.05v) constantly.

In case you don't test it up first, tell them the details as you mentioned here, and/or with the note that you suspect low voltage from the PSU.


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betwn UPS & PSU there is a belkin surge protector.
UPS plugged into a surge protector, bad?
I came across an official answer from APC and thought it might help someone looking for this in the future. Here is the link to their site.... and in case they remove it in the future, the pertinent text:

Using surge strips with APC's Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products..

Using surge strips with APC's Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products.
Published 01/07/2002 08:00 AM | Updated 07/13/2010 02:19 PM | Answer ID 1372
This document will explain why APC recommends against the use of any surge protector, power strip or extension cord being plugged into the output of any APC Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products
APC recommends against the use of any surge protector, power strip or extension cord being plugged into the output of any APC Back-UPS and Smart-UPS products. This document will explain why.

Plugging a surge protector into your UPS: Surge protectors filter the power for surges and offer EMI/RFI filtering but do not efficiently distribute the power, meaning that some equipment may be deprived of the necessary amperage it requires to run properly causing your attached equipment (computer, monitor, etc) to shutdown or reboot. If you need to supply additional receptacles on the output of your UPS, we recommend using Power Distribution Units (PDU's). PDUs evenly distribute the amperage among the outlets, while the UPS will filter the power and provide surge protection. PDUs use and distribute the available amperage more efficiently, allowing your equipment to receive the best available power to maintain operation.

However, please note that the UPS is designed to handle a limited amount of equipment. Please be cautious about plugging too much equipment into the UPS to avoid an overload condition. To understand the load limit of your particular model UPS please consult the User's Manual, or visit APC's Product Page at Products Applications.

Plugging your UPS into a surge protector: In order for your UPS to get the best power available, you should plug your UPS directly into the wall receptacle. Plugging your UPS into a surge protector may cause the UPS to go to battery often when it normally should remain online. This is because other, more powerful equipment may draw necessary voltage away from the UPS which it requires to remain online.
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