Unable to install Maya 6.5

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I have bought a new mechine.
AMD-64 2800+
K8VM800M - Gigabite motherboard.
512 MB - Single DDR Hynix RAM 400 FSB
80GB(7,200 rpm) - Samsung Hard disk
OS - XP professional with SP1a

When i install Alias MAYA 6.5 the following error has comming. I'm not able to install maya for the past 1 month.

Error 1335.The cabinet file ‘maya.cab’required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM,or aproblem with this package.

But with the same Maya CD I can install maya with other 3 machines.
only in my machine i'm not able to install.

please give good solution for me.

I'm waiting for ur result.


1. First you can try to clean your CD-ROM drive lens by using a CD-ROM Drive lens cleaner CD, available from the market, buy branded one.
Insert the DISK into your CD-ROM drive for cleaning.

2. If solution 1 does not work. Borrow the CD-Rom drive of your friend and install it in your system and then try installing.

3. Sometimes cleaning the media or the CD itself with water and soap also helps, you can also try this.
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