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Typos in Intel Web Site - E4700 with EM64T or without EM64T ??

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As per my knowledge and as per product information of Intel, all core 2 duo processors support Intel EM64T architecture. It is also clearly mentioned in Intel Core 2 processors product information page.


Where as in the Core 2 Duo model specification chart, it is show that Intel Core 2 Duo model E4700 (2.6 GHz / 2 MB / 800 MHz FSB) is missing Intel EM64T support.


Confuse ? Well wait, another twist is still remaining. Let’s view the individual product page for Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 (2.6GHz / 2 MB / 800 MHz FSB), which once again states that E4700 do come with EM64T.


It appears to me that Intel have made a typing error, either E4700 comes with EM64T or without it, so one of these 3 pages are showing wrong information. My personal guess is the Intel Core 2 Duo product number detailed chart is showing wrong information !!!

However have sent an email to Intel web admins by pointing this issue, let us see which of these pages are wrong, but its quite confirmed that one of them do have typos !!!
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