Types of data in computers

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Actually I m taking a class of HM students where in their syllabus there is a topic under electronic data processing called types of data.Thats what m askin.


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Data is stored as 0 and 1. There is nothing called type of data, since all data is the same at the primary level.


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data typically is of two types Analog & Digital
if there's any other type..I would like to know about it.

The only data that can be stored in computers is Digital data i.e. ON / OFF or 1 or 0
electronic data processing can also deal with other data like Analog e.g. output of Modem, a Frequency signal representing Digital 1 and another frequency signal representating digital 0.

Hence we frequently come across ADC and DAC in all circuits and eletronic systems.


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^^ yes,

Infact all the data in the PC are stored as a 0 and 1 sequence i.e in binary form with the help of gates (logic gates like AND, OR, NOR, EX-OR, NAND, NOT etc..) and voltage values in the form of 0 or 1.

its for we humans tat we need different s/wares to read/interact with these various kinds of output, like for Music we use a music plugin or App, for text we use a text editor like MS word, or MS text or MS wordpad and for pics we use paint, pic & fax viewer.. :)
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well, data representations can be of many types wich can be outputted from a computer like:

1.) Graphical: By use of graphs (bar graphs, line graphs etc.) , pie charts.
2.) Geometric: By use of base plots, scatter diagrams etc.
3.) Icon based: by use of icons to represent various o/p levels.
4.) Colour based: using different colors -------ditto----------.
5.) Pixel based: using various pixels--------ditto-------------.
6.) hierarchical: shading the area based on diff o/p levels.

but always remember buddy, that a computer can o/p any of the 4 multimedia components wich are text, picture, audio, video i guess nothing more than that as these are the basic and core components of a multimedia system a.k.a computer system.

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