Two HD 5850 on sale

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I am putting my HD5850 on sale I have 2 pieces, in crossfire. One was bought from one of out TDF member in 2011, The other was originally purchased by me in 2009. Both cards are installed in my system which is packed now, so cannot put an recent image, but I can share the thread when I assembled my system plus the original image of my system with the card installed.


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Item Location: Ghaziabad.
Reason for Sale: Upgrading to a recent GPU

I am seriously not sure what price I should put in. The original HD5850 was purchased for arounf 16K, the second one for 8000.

I can give both for 7000, and single one for 4000 ......New HD5570 is 4000 on flipkart, so in that sense I guess the price is ok .......let mw know

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