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tv tuner automatic power on?

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I bought the compro videomate PVR/FM yesterday!THANKS A MILLION MILLION TO ALL THOSE AT DIGIT REVIEWED THIS PRODUCT!!!!! it is just simply superb..just have a small query..with the scheduled recording feature...i want it to record a program when my pc is swithched off..and this is possible with the "automatic power on function" of the software..but i am not able to enable this option.the manual says this feature is avaible only when supported by the pc..how do i make mm pc to support it.. config is as follows:
athlon xp-2400
asus a7n266 vm/se
windows xp pro
400w mercury power supply
Pls... help me out guys.. thanks


I think you will have to keep your pc on. The 'automatic power on' feature means that if your pc is running, the tv appl. will launch itself and begin the scheduled recording.
I have a Pinnacle card and this is what is does. I seriously doubt that it will switch on the pc itself for recording.


Right off the assembly line
:) hi its possible only if you have purchased gold version of Compro, find out wake up option , it will seve your purpose


u will need to kepp the pc on..aslo u can leave the pc in stand by mode and when the time comes the scheduling will be on and your system will come in bakc state thussaving your power..

dont forget to make the check on "bring this device to power on"
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