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Hi Everyone,
I am using a old ver of turbo c++ running in Dos mode.
I want a latest ver of turbo c++ windows based but i can't find it.
:?: Do anybody know from where i can get it.


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And why open source ? Is this related in someway ?

For your request


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Anyways,You came to Open Source Section,so get gcc for compilation and move to GNU/Linux for Ur full freedom from wingdows..if @ windows u can get mingw32 based C/C++ compilers..


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To get latest Turbo C++ u must pay. They free ones are available in thier 'Musum' section. The latest version in their old file list is Turbo C++ 3.0. Buddy i recommend u slowly turn to Dev C++


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That's d point(er) for sth nice learning use Dev or gcc I am using them to learn these languages and these are veryy good . Better than tc++


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My dear digit,
One mourning when I switch on my system,and when I clicked on "ALT-CTRL-DELETE"
It displays a message that"your task Manager has been disabled by Administrater".Then I restart my system but the problem persist.
How I will solve the problem?
Also tell Me the difference between the CD's which we got at very low price & High price?
From chikkugta_vc@yahoo.co.in
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