Trojan Simulator

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yaa all dose anti- sw dat did not show dat as an anomaly knew dat it is not :)

btw d forums seems kinda quiet

wans't der dis option 2 look 4 all unanswered posts, people deserve an answer 4 der queries


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Mcafee seems to be the best, it detected and removed it as soon as i extracted it. yeah, thats why I say McAfee is the best.


The Devil
How did KAV or AVG or the others know it was fake? THe AV engine is supposed to detect viruses either by their signature or by their potentiality to cause mischief. How can a AV let go a file which has the same signature as that of a trojan? We all know an AV's ability to detect viruses has got nothing to do with their "intelligence", of which they have none.


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Nod32 tried to block during download.
Some say KIS and other knew it was fake, then what about the EICAR test file.
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