transfer sms to one cell to another

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hi frnds
i ve nokia 6600 and 3230 both
i wanna transfer my sms from 6600 to 3230, its abt 800+ sms
and they r very special for me ;)
now i am gonna cell my 6600,
is dere any way to transfer those sms in 3230???
all sms r in my mmc of 6600
i tried an application msgtranfer.sis
but its make them in txt format
and one big prob is dat 6600 is not comaptible with nokia pc suite otherwise that's the best way to restore my sms or transfer them in another cell
here lodz of ppl r aware of new stuff and application
plz share ur knowledge
as i already wrote they r precious for me
plz plz plz help me out


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Try copying the messages, saving into notes
Sending by bluetooth
Again Pasting in Message
And Save as Draft

Long but cheap


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connect both via bluetooth ......

or else

connect 1 phone 2 pc ....... use oxygen phone manager ....... download all in it .......

connect another phone ........ then transfer them all 2 another 1 ...........

sounds boring bt effective ..........

4 connecting 2 pc use either ir, bluetooth or data cable ...........


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i think thats possible with fexplorer...
now open it up..
go into C:/system
there's a folder named mail..
copy it and paste somewhere else over the memory card..
then paste the contents of this folder into 3230's mail folder...
i think that sud work..
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