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Traffic flow on dial up

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Broken In
When a dial up is connected, two computers show up at the right corner of the taskbar. One of them denotes the traffic received and the other, the traffic sent. After some time on a dial up, i've noticed that even though the connection has not been terminated,and though u've not stopped browsing, traffic ceases to flow. This goes on for sometime and then either traffic starts flowing again or you disconnect in frustration. I've read somewhere that this is called 'idle time'.

My question is, Is this idle time fair? Is there any way to get rid of 'idle time'?



Well,I dont know about "Idle time", but i have heard that something is being downloaded in the background (data trnaspher). Dont know it is true or not.


dude the server cannot send you data continuously due to load upon it

u try it at night and there will be almost no idle time

and in day when server is busy it does requests of all the computers and in that way it stops for 2-3 seconds and then comes back

this is normal

this is the major problem for the dialup users
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