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Touch SCreen vs Non Touch Screen Phones

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Hi gys,

I have a que, I would like to know the pros and cons of each with respect to their usability and life. I love the concept of touch screen but am a bit apprehensive about the life of the screen. I mean I am not sure it will standup to the day to day wear and tear.

Share your thoughts and experience here pls.



I really start hating touch screens , we cant "feel" keys for useing ,
Caluulator in iPhone in exam hall is tough as we have to see in the screen all time (that may raise suspecion) whereas in other phones we can calculate without looking at screen and to look only for answers


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Not really. Resistive touchscreens are actually more resistant to scratches because they are made to be used by a pointed stylus. It is difficult to get a scratch on a resistive screen, unless you try really hard.

As for capacitive touchscreens, they use glass on top which is usually very solid and difficult to scratch as well.


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Touchscreens are not viable for many. In my case, i have large hands and typing is a menace with touchscreens. Also, they are not too resistant to sweat and rough use, the screen stops responding at the slightest of injuries.


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I think with a little bit of caution , you can easily use a touch screen fone for 2 years
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