to upgrade my pc to use intel processor within a budget of 15k-20k


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this is my sys config........

AMD FX4100 processor
asus M5A88-M mother board
6 gb ddr3 corsair ram
coolermaster elite430 cabinet
antec 550W smps
seagate 1TB harddisk
sapphire HD 6850 DDR5 PCI-E 1GB graphics card

i cannot play crysis,prototype games so i like to upgrade my PC..please give me suggestions can i go for amd based processors or can i go for intel processor by changing the mother board............ please give me suggestions


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your config is more than capable of running these games even at Full HD. what is the problem you are facing?


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@OP, what problems are you facing? Are your GPU drivers up to date? Have you got the latest Catalyst drivers? Gaming is more centered on GPU than CPU, with the exception for a few games. And the HD6850 is one of the most VFM GPU's in recent times...
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You have very good config for playing games tell us what problem you are facing so that people can help you out.


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For the games mentioned the Config is not a problem. I don't think you will get anything worth the upgrade cost if you switch to Intel.

Whats the Issue?

What resolution you are playing? Upto Mid-High Level Eye Candy you can play those games at HD Resolution.


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I think you are having some issues with your GPU else how could you not play games and that too with HD 6850. With this card you can play all latest games at full HD.
Whats the problems you are facing?


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your config is more than capable of running these games even at Full HD. what is the problem you are facing?

thanks for the reply.............when i open the game it just gives an non responding error and comes i have to do any overclocking in the graphics card......


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Nothing to do with overclocking, your card is capable enough to handle games at stock speed. Whenever you're getting the error, try to go back to the desktop using Alt + Tab key and check if you're getting a message like ATI Display driver has stopped working and has been recovered type of message.
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