Time to wish b'day to a true son of land :SC bose

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Still in war with allies
Subash chandra bose ....

January 23 , 1897 -till the time of eternity ....

ome people never dies always hard wired in heart and 800gms of brain ,which never gets short circuited .always works ..

your great sacrifice and love toward India will always enlighten us to move forward in right in direction so that our nation can be ideal according to your vision which was ultimate in every way and direction..

yours well wisher and admirer always ....love u too much with open heart

A small intro of india's most energetic and dynamic freedom fighter .....

Subhas Chandra Bose, , was one of the most prominent and highly respected leaders of the Indian Independence Movement against the British Raj.

Bose was elected president of the Indian National Congress for two consecutive terms but resigned from the post following ideological conflicts with Mahatma Gandhi. Bose believed that Mahatma Gandhi's tactics of non-violence would never be sufficient to secure India's independence, and advocated violent resistance. He established a separate political party, the All India Forward Bloc and continued to call for the full and immediate independence of India from British rule. He was imprisoned by the British authorities eleven times.

His stance did not change with the outbreak of the second world war, which he saw as an opportunity to take advantage of British weakness. At the outset of the war, he fled India and travelled to the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan seeking an alliance with the aim of attacking the British in India. With Japanese assistance he re-organised and later led the Indian National Army, formed from Indian prisoners-of-war and plantation workers from Malaya, Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia, against British forces. With Japanese monetary, political, diplomatic and military assistance, he formed the Azad Hind Government in exile, regrouped and led the Indian National Army to battle against the allies in Imphal & Burma during the World War II

His political views and the alliances he made with Nazi and other militarist regimes opposed to the British Empire have been the cause of arguments among historians and politicians, with some accusing him of Fascist sympathies and of Quislingist actions, while most others in India largely sympathetic towards his inculcation of realpolitik as a manifesto that guided his social and political choices. He is believed to have died on 18 August 1945 in a plane crash over Taiwan. However, contradictory evidence exists regarding his death in the accident.
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I'm truly his greatest fan for ever he's always above Gandhi in my consideration, though I dont hate Gandhi. :)

He did really kick Britishers A$$.

he's memories will cherish longer.


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Hmmm.....I had forgotten that today is an Important day.
Thanks for reminding.

BTW does anyone know what happened to him after Formosa plane crash?

My ******* cable operator did not give the channel signal when such a interesting part of history was being telecasted.

Its learnt that the Govt. has some info about this but it won't disclose.


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Truely a great man ....... my wishes 4 him ........

& India`s most IMP secret abt his later years .........

me 2 missed those series on TV .......


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Inias most charismatic freedom fighter..without him indias fight for freedom would have been in scrambles

he joined forces from all over the world and tried to put an end to "terrorism" in india..but as fact remains..he is one of indias most undervalued fighters...

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