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Thread On MSN Messenger

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Hey guyz...i made this thread for u to talk upon MSN Messenger...msn has become a part of our life n most of us r logged in 24 X 7....but we never xpress our views upon it...so this is the thread for dat purpose...well...i dun understand why msn 7 dint include moffline msgs..it seems to be such a requisite for any messenger...i think dis is da only feature due to which yahoo is above msn(btw yahoo is also easier to connect)...but yahoo's alerts r really irritatin n too loud..i hv disabled all yahoo's alerts...msn sound alerts r really soothin n makes u feel gud.... :D :D


FooBar Guy
MSN messenger?? huh ...
Microsoft is doing a serious mistake by threatning third party messenger networks with legal action. Due to their threats the Kopete messenger had to shut down their website. Just look at their website http://kopete.kde.org
They have listed out all the patent infringment notices that have been filed against them. If such a thing continues then i dont know what will happen to other Free/OpenSource softwares...

Can't they live in peace and let others take a breath??


why need title?
lol how will they let the others take a breath.. jus for example u own a big multi billion firm and sum crazy outta mind ppl come and give products that looks like urs and that too for free wat will u do? will u let that guy live in peace.. thats wat MS is doing.. they cant let linux spoil their company.. as simple as that.. and then as u said i dont think MS aren living without peace.. they get peace but then linux takes it away :wink:


Wise Old Owl
I don't understand what Microsoft's problem is. As it is, they let users download MSN Messenger for free. So I see no harm in allowing third party IMs to use MSN. I guess all they want to do is force the users to use only the actual IM and not substitute it with third party ones.

Coming back to the actual topic, yea I think MSN 7 is really nice. Some small touches and improvements over 6.2 have made it much better. But they are charging people money for all those custom avatars and stuff which I find silly as Yahoo! let's you do it for free. As for the alerts, if you took the time to customize YIM, you will see that you can set custom alert sounds :D
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