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thinking about 500 GB HDD

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Broken In
i am going to buy 500 GB HDD

hey guys i m now planning to buy 500 gb sata2 hdd.
So suggest me the brand i should go for , with according price.

My PC configuration is:
AMD athelon 64*2 , 4200 processor
ASUS M2NMX motherboard
320 GB HDD
1GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM
PSU : 350 watt, VIP

Thanks & regards!
Ketan:) .
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Wise Old Owl
WD 500gb with 16mb buffer 5.1k
with 32mb buffer around 5.6k
and if u plan to own seagate make sure its 32 mb only.16mb one is not so good


Wise Old Owl
well can't say.there's nothing new with the hdds except seagate's upcoming drives with little revision.expect a minute drop when these are available.

i recently bought WD 500gb with 16mb buffer


Wise Old Owl
i use it for Direct From Disk sampling in kontakt 3 which requires best performance.and it just runs great on this new hdd. + i think they are more reliable than any other brand :)


The Frozen Nova
Prashant, it's a WD HDD I was talking about.

I was also using a 250GB Hitachi Desktar, it was a slight low on vista experience rating. (5.1 I guess).
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