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mortal kombat

This thread is completely dedicated to the discussions about any kind of multiplayer can invite a member to play co-op or multiplayer game with can create a team.
you can also show your achievements in multiplayer here and discuss about it etc etc.

To be precise this thread dosent stick to the title of any particular game.

Alright guys let me start i am currently interested in playing GHOST RECON ADVANCED WARFIGHTER 2 multiplayer.anybody else interested please tell your timings.then we can host and play on our own private server.
the game is total fun in co-op and multiplayer.:grin:


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I'd love to play after 10pm but currently playing Mercenaries 2 co-op with my friend, cant play 2 games at once. :(

How about completing our L4D last chapter, I have still not uninstalled the game in hope of completing it :D.


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Anybody here for L4D2 coop/survival with me & my gang, then PM me & we can discuss the details. Our L4D2 versus server will be hopefully up soon too.


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Hi guys im new here and this is my first post in these forums.
@OP- 1.hey man edit your 1st post as and when people post about the games they are playing incase they are looking for people to play with them.
example- <game name> <fun/clan> <person to PM/contact>
it will help when the topic becomes larger
just my 2 cents.

2. wait a till 3rd march (tests over) then ill go search for GRAW2 and buy it. then we can play.

@varunb- sure! what time are you online? i can play everyday after 10:30 PM and after my college tests are over (3 march) ill be able to play in afternoon/evening as well. PM me or something. I can get a buddy of mine to play with us too!
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Ok guys MW2 MP is working again for a long time but was not aware of that. Thanks to Nvidiageek in back in the game. Update game to 1.0.182 which is at large now. My steam id is jojothedragon and xfire id is jojothedragon. Hope you guys will come back/join again.


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@Quan Chi.
Hello dude! Visiting thinkdigit forums after long time and saw your post.
I have GRAW2, L4D-II and CounterStrike: Source.

Tell me if you wanna play.
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