Negative Experience They charge 10% as restocking fee on cancellation (even before shipping)


Cyborg Agent
I have made lots of online purchases, almost from all famous online stores, however this time I was looking to try infibeam, so I made a purchase there as thing I was looking was available for some discount. I made payment through netbanking, all good as I prefer to pay in Advance because COD sometimes creates trouble if you are not home or similar.

But next day, I had to cancel order as I got that new device for free from other sources (assume friend). So I logged into it, checked for option to cancel it.. my first surprise, there was no OPTION to cancel the order.

So, I went on looking, then decided to check there FAQ --> UNDER RETURN and Cancellation I found that you have to call customer care to cancel order if you have PREPAID for order... for COD you can cancel yourself .. but not for prepaid.. what the..... !!

Anyways, I called customer care, 2 numbers were given, first number was never picked, second was picked in second attempt.. executive verified my order and then went for cancellation process, but again there is glitch, he said I will have to pay 10% as restocking charges.. GREAT..

Well, I had no other choice, I gave my consent..

So here is that thing, even on second day evening, product was not shipped, still they charged me for cancellation,
You can't cancel order online yourself if you have prepaid it.
You have to pay 10% as restocking price if you cancel an order

GREAT experience.. interestingly it was my first and last experience on that site as I am never gonna use it again, no matter how tempting deal they have.
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