The Windows Phone XBOX gaming : Post your gamer tag & show off your WP game achievements here


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The Windows Phone gaming achievements thread

EDIT: This thread is purely for WP games धन्यवाद (dhanyavad)

Hello guys, Lets use this thread to show show off your WP game WP game achievements here.

Please post your gamer tags too. lets have some fun.

Have you unlocked all achievements in any WP game ? Post the screenshot here

Gamer tag : talktoanil
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Cyborg Agent
how to change gamer tag in 520
its showing playerXXXXXXXXX

i want to change that name
You can't change from phone.

You have 2 options. Login to XBOX (if you have one) and change it from there or use a new MS account with phone.


Here I am


GamerTag : TheIncoming

It's pretty Interesting game, Anyone else does play here?
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