The Whining/Complaint Thread

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I have Yolks not Brains!
This forum is dead!! Why do you guys still bother!!
Tech Enclave is the 1000x times better maintained then this forum was ever in the past 2-3 years!(even the SUnsilk GangOfGIrls one too is better maintained..........yes I"ve been there once!!!)
And this is coming from a guy who was a regular TD visitor from last 6-7 years(yes,under different banned a few times) and started using TE a few months back!

The only thread that is better here is the MUST WATCH MOVIE one!!And thats where I mostly post!!
Flame me all you want but thats the fact!


the post editing interface feels pretty effed up to me - If I've used BBcodes in a post & then later when i go back to edit the post i'd like to see the ppost without any formatting with the bbcodes displayed

Plz do away with the js-enabled edit interface - don't like it at all :(

Also - more timeout limit please
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