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Awesome rig, nice to see so many recent purchases from fellow member.

I like the table, how much it costs ?

thanks a lot ! am humbled :grin:

the table set me back by 4k. initially had planned to get a wide wooden one built, but the carpenter threw some tantrums and i was put off. went for some 'investigation' in numerous furniture shops, and almost all of them were MDF board-tables, unable to support my tank's bulk on them. then my eyes fell on this piece. loved the looks, and the clearance between ground and glass bottom was almost perfect. i already have 2 comp/study tables at home, but neither of them could accomodate the cabby. even after seeing this one, a furniture-waala later presented to me a rather attractive proposition for a custom-built table, but then my mind was already set on this table, and the rest is history :grin:

BTW, if you've Hometown mall at pune, you might find one there...brand is 'Cabo'. i got it from one of their outlets here at thane.

cool rig man ... lov ur setup ... ;) ....

thanks a lot ! :smile:

well, am i allowed to move this as a new thread to 'overclocking, modding....' section ? posted here in haste....want to repost as a new thread with some edits :grin:


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bought a LEVIS T-SHIRT from SHOPPERS STOP, SOUTH CITY MALL this morning for 999/-. SIZE: L

Actually i got a gift voucher of 1k from my office. :bananana:



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Attached all the fans in my ELITE 310. Front Bezel modded with inappropriate tools.


The cutting


Cut off the obstacle for better air flow


The Passthrough


The only tools i used.


The front bezel with GREEN LED as intake.


The RED RUBY in action, XTRAFLO


The whole RIG in TRICOLOR.


PC PROBE TEMPS (Room temp 26 @ 2. a.m)


HDD TEMP.(Room temp 26 @ 2. a.m)


" It'S iN tHe GaMe..."
My "To be modified when i have the money" setup. :p
Will be buying GPU and PSU soon. :mrgreen: Coz i spent all i had saved on the monitor (LG E2041 - Rs.5980/-). :toast:

The monitor looks nice with all the icons inside Fences (By Stardock)
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P.S-Bhai ato pc deye ki koro tumi??(What you really do with so many pc's)
@Nipun-Nice lighting effect :)


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That's called True Surround! ;) :rofl:
Gee, thanks :))
Nice nice... what do you do with so many PCs?
1st one is for internet only(24*7).
2nd one for gaming and internet(BSNL 2 AM-8AM free D/Ling).
3rd one (CRT one) is very old...just for watching TV .
4th one for odin(share market software)
thank you Tenida :)


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great kbd NIPUN. I think i shld sell off my LOGITECH G110.(biting my nails in envy) BTW you have started modding a CABBY of your age. Has it been finished.

@ max: i can see only one cabby in the pic where are the others?

I do not know it's the right place or not to show this. I have cleaned my monitor with ISOPROPYL and DISTILL water. Here goes the steps.




Pour distill water in the cup fully.


Put it in the spray bottle through funnel.


Now pour the IPA in the same cup fully.

Put that in the spray bottle again.

Close the lid.


Monitor Surface before cleaning.

Wipe it gently with a piece of handkerchief to remove the visible dust before applying the solution.


Very handy for blowing the dust in corners.
(thanks to Tenida)


The lint free cloth
Wet it with solution of IPA & DISTILL water.


Then start wiping in a circular motion with a soft touch
repeat the wiping several times for spots.


wipe again with the handkerchief immediately when it evaporates to make it shiny.


The effect



Leave it for several hours to dry it completely.

Open your system and set a white background to check for any spot remaining.

Thanks for the patience.:razz:
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