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The Red Devils or The Gunners

What are you ? A Red Devil or a Gunnar

  • I am a Red Devil

    Votes: 17 73.9%
  • I am a Gunnar

    Votes: 6 26.1%

  • Total voters
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Right off the assembly line
The so-called "Gunners" are too "gunned" to challenge United for the premiership.So,of course,The Red Devils.



I don't watch now a days but i had a friend who used to be a devote of the game, I also used to watch with that guy. And I am now voting on his behalf.


The Devil's Advocate
ya the gunners cant challenge the devils for the premiership .... but if im not mistaken it was the devils who lost home and away ..... the gunners shot the devils twice and well nothing more to say .... gunners all the way though not to mention the devils were good wen they had keane, giggs, ole, scholes and becks with the nevielle bros ....

but now its henry all the way .... do miss pires, vierra and cole


In the zone
hey pretty tough to choose.. Like the gunners have Henry:) and the red devils have a game play in almost all the matches..


The Devil's Advocate
talk abt urself dude ... we beat u tumahare ghar mein ghus k haraya ... aur humari gulli mein bhi haraya ... doosre ki kya baat karing .... man even fergie said we are better


Human Spambot
Yeah we havent won a cup.
So what-We are inexperienced,injured and settling in a new stadium.
Finals of the league cup and 3rd in EPL is very good considering the strength of the squad(which is half due to injuries)
Btw. have manure ever survived a season undefeated?:D

And I am damn sure that most of the 9 people who have voted for Manure in the poll are just 'temporary' fans who support whichever team at the top.
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Phenom II X4 920 Owner
well u might do that supporting thingy ... but not a true Man U fan .........

btw Vimal Welcome in this thread....i was expecting u......u took a little long to arrive here ... :D

Just joking man .... dont take it personally....
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Human Spambot
^^I support Arsenal through both good and bad times.
We can't say who is a true manu fan while you are winning.
Take chelsea for example:Before Abramovich,nobody gave a damn about them

Ps:I just saw this thread:D:D:D


Phenom II X4 920 Owner
well i have been always a true Man U fan since i started watching football.....its just that i was not a active member in this Forum....u can see my date of joining.......


Make Way the LORD is Here
hello guys im here
looks like we r winning here ...like always :D ....
but what vimal said is true many fans must be temporary as united r on top...
many of my friends supported chelsea last year & now united...i hate these types of fans ...
i have been a united fan for nearly 10 years... :D

p.s- i still wish to find a scouser or a chel$ki fan on this forum ....where r they? :D
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