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true nac...actually that pop up flash is powerful but it is a fill in light only in case background is very bright or can be used as light trigger (dont recollect the name, pilot flash or something)for other flashes.
I think commander flash or unit. Vaguely remember reading it on D90's manual.


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This is my setup which i was supposed to post long time ago but forgot about it :sealed:


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yes right [MENTION=125321]nac[/MENTION] flash commander :)
[MENTION=143263]HTBR[/MENTION] cant open your files...
So I was going through my memory card and found some raws which needed editing. The result....I'm not so sure. Anyways, I will be uploading some pictures in future on flickr, but with little abstraction(i.e. only under friends category can view those...just some precautions). I guess [MENTION=125321]nac[/MENTION] can see the new one.


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so we were in middle of forest, Tungareshwar National Park. Monkeys all around, we can only see shadow shapes descending from the trees. I just had camera in my hand from long time. This guy, Rohan tells me take photo of monkey jumping in mid air. Everyone starts laughing because I had a point and shoot, and I go up to him, and position the camera "ok fine, I'll take a pic of you with the monkey jumping. stare into the treetops, wherever you look a monkey will jump". He is a little ashamed by now, and I trigger the shutter, people start laughing because of the flash and says "you got it or what?" and I say "yeah, photoshop is always there." Then, this monkey shows up on that branch, and we watch in silence, transfixed, in bullet time as it prepares to jump.
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