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can u make a tutorial on how to root... where to download all the files... i know there are various on the internet... but i want to know what u think....
Its a really simple procedure.

1. Download file from here Plug-in RedMi 1S to your PC and copy to Internal Memory. Don't create any new folder. Just copy it to root folder. Unplug RedMi 1S.

2. Settings icon -> About Phone -> Tap on Android Version five times. It will activate Developer Options.

3. Tools icon -> Updater. Click on Menu -> Reboot to Recovery Mode. Use Volume Keys to navigate and Power key to Confirm in Recovery Mode.

4. Select English and then install to system. Recovery will detect/install Reboot to System.

5. Security icon -> Permissions - activate root permissions.

Done !! Same procedure is for unrooting and I have added zip file for unroot too.

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MIUI 41.1 is not that good even after installing Battery, CPU and RAM Management apps. Its a lot of work and negligible results. I am going to install CM11-R5 today evening. I don't why everyone is calling it stable version though.
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Actually no need for pc even. If you have net on your phone and cannot get to a pc(my situation). Download the zip file and copy it to the internal storage. Don't copy it in any folder in the internal storage but just the internal storage. Now follow the subsequent instructions.


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A few people at MIUI Forums reported root problems after downloading directly in RedMi 1S but I am not sure if its really true. Everyone is suggesting to enable Developer Options also but I really don't see any need of that because we are not changing any option in Developer section for root/unroot procedure. I will download unroot file directly on RedMi and check if it causes any problem in unroot procedure.


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Xiaomi Redmi 1S vs Asus Zenfone 4 A450CG

What do you guys think about this video? Which one is better considering all the factors including the issues.

Is Asus Zenfone 4 A450CG good to buy vs Xiaomi Redmi 1S?
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Hi all
I need some suggestions as to which screen guard and case to buy. i found these on amazon. Are there better options?
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^^ Note and MI3 I guess. So probably Flipkart is selling MI3 and Redmi Note coming week and next week Redmi 1s, it's my guess.


note i guess
You mean galaxy note 4 ?
it can't be.
Samsung has decided to extend exclusivity on selling rights of 48 models, including Galaxy Alpha and Note 4, to offline retailers. (TOI)

Edit : forgot about redmi Note :p that is possible. :D :)


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Wonder if they will keep the price of redmi note 10k or decrease it. Imo the price is perfect for what they are offering but the zenfone 5 will be offering stiff competition and people may be reluctant to buy the note after all those negative reviews of the 1s.


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Anybody having mi3 checked whether their speaker at the bottom is working properly? Try closing the left half and check if there is sound coming from the right half of the punched holes at the bottom surface and vice versa.Also my battery backup has significantly reduced now.(on v23 there is no power saving mode).Is there any power saver mode on v32 other than balance mode?
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