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Guys have been using my mother's redmi1s for the past couple of weeks somehow seem to having a feeling that it's not smooth.
Is there something I can do to make the phone smoother.
When I play Subway surfer the game seems to get stuck.
Never had that kind of problem on either Note2 or Z1 or S2.

Root it and hibernate all user apps from greenify. That'll not only prevent them from running in the background but also increase the battery life. Also remove unrequired apps from startup.


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Hey, can any one of you please try playing an H265 codec based video in redmi note 4g using mx player and report back if it plays it smoothly (audio video in sync) or not...
The moto g2 with the same processor does !!!


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^^Any phone can play that format with ease considering the same chipset is used in moto g it should play similarly.
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