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The mystery of the missing connector pin!

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I have a spare intex 450 Watt PSU lying around at my house.Its almost new and I had used it with my PC for about 2 months.Today,as i was examining it closely,i noticed something rather strange about one of its power connectors.I saw that one of the wires was missing from the connector which goes into the motherboard and hence,the corresponding connector pin was not present in its socket either.To be able to understand what i am talking about,please view the following images:

Image 1:

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Image 2:

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Now the thing which baffles me the most about this strange business is that i had used this psu with my pc for nearly 2 months and despite not having one wire in its motherboard connector,neither the psu nor my PC had malfunctioned(apparently) during that period.Can anyone explain how such a thing could have happened?And why does this psu have a wire missing from its mobo connector-is it defective?Will using it be risky?

The Cooler master psu that i have isn't like this-none of the wires are missing from its mobo connector.The intex psu is still under warranty-should i get it replaced?
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well buddy its nothing to worry..
that intex PSU is also fine.. the pin you are talking about is pin no 20.

Pin 20 which is formerly −5V, white wire is absent in current power supplies; it was optional in ATX and ATX12V so its normal..
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