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the most user friendly distro

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^^ that is a nice feature.btwn U can try in menu System>administration>Synaptic pkg manager to judge available packages and install the wanted one.

what i think is any linux user at sometime needs to use command line.Linux CLI is much refined and easeto use than MS_DOS CLI which most windows users are afraid afaik:rolleyes: I am referring bash shell.just some intro commands and apt+dpkg basics are needed for newbies.

Also is a lecture:D that "*.exe" is not for Linux is for DOS and windows.Many newbies are happy to think that Linux is another Windows.atleast that is my experiance.so a good read is :


One stat I like looking at is wikipedia's Linux-adoption: ;)
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Hey, what about Slax. It was the most easiest Distro I ever used. Too bad it was a Live CD only distro.


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its most probably goin to be ubuntu......only if someone gives a good reason to change ...i will

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Yes for me the the most user friendly distros are slax and dynebolic.Mount all your partitions and ready to go as soon as you run the live cd.


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Ubuntu is the most user friendly. Fedora 7 is not user friendly than Ubuntu but it has excellent look like that login window etc. Anybody have tried suse? Which difference you observed between Open SuSE 10.2 and Novell SuSE 10? bcoz i had tried Novell suse.


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slax and dynebolic-mounting windows partns dont make it the best distros.
For a newbie to computer,
Most user friendly distros may be his own choice,but for widnows movers to Linux,I'll say Ubuntu,the best in many ways.mainly for the apt-get package management.


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bhushan05d251 said:
Anybody have tried suse?
lots of people.
bhushan05d251 said:
Which difference you observed between Open SuSE 10.2 and Novell SuSE 10? bcoz i had tried Novell suse.
SLED has support from Novell, if you pay for it.
SLED has less cutting edge software
Novell maintains a separate repository for SLED
Novell sends out emails to all SLED users about upgrades and updates that are available.
There will be more which I am not aware of.


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^^ You can get the mails regarding patches and updates even if you don't pay Novell. You just don't get primium updates (wonder what they might be)....

:Off Topic: Bad times for me.. HP made me switch back to Windows, single boot on whole HDD, if they are to give H/W support...... And I need that support considering countless H/W replacements, I have had in a year...... Had it not been for that fact, SuSE was the best O.S. I have tried (exept for Mac OS).....


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ssk_the_gr8 said:
its most probably goin to be ubuntu......only if someone gives a good reason to change ...i will

Try PcLinuxOs best linux distro for windows users,
creatianely faster loading time than ubuntu,since it is based on kde more configurable than gnom deskstop (ubuntu).


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Well you can also try Linux Mint 3.0 (codename "Cassandra") which is a very user friendly and beautiful distro...



Its based on Ubuntu 7.04 and has everything installed by default...

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I came to post this ;-) , depends on your defenition of user friendly.
For me user freindly means anything that doesn't choose for you, that doesn't interfere in your way and that doesn't go out of the way to perform even trivial tasks.

I'am sure most of you will agree, Slackware is the _most_ userfriendly distribution out there.
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