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The Microsoft Way - Microsoft Ruling The World

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The Microsoft Way !

Its a wonder that anybody hasn't thought about this, or if he/she has, hasn't spoken about it, I never realized until a couple of days ago that the company that practically rules the software market - Microsoft is actually also almost ruling the developers. How you ask ? Well picture this, since the advent of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 , How many programming companies in India use Platforms other than Microsoft Visual C++ or Microsoft Visual Basic, ofcourse if u're developing a database application, the backend most naturally has to be MS SQL Server 7.0, a couple non-MS SQL Server might go to Oracle but SQL server definitely goes a lot. Very recently Microsoft introduced the .Net Architecture and Development Platform, and well, almost every other developer is now gearing up for it. Am not saying that Microsoft or for that matter .Net is bad, just that it seems that there is no other development platform other then what Microsoft has to offer.

Dosent anybody dream to compete with Microsoft when they cross the developer stages, Why don't I hear about Delphi, or any other programming language as much as i hear about .Net?. Granted the archtitecture is an innovation, and yes amazing, but so was Java when it was fist released.

I started out in dream of being a system's programmer to compete with Microsoft's Operating system market, but ended up being an application programmer developing using Microsoft tools.
with all the knowledge that we have of programming and using MS-tools. Should'nt we be learning some non-micorosft stuff ALSO.
Any comments ?

PS: I for one am bent on learning assembly!


Yep pal tou are right..and here is the scene where Linux comes in..It has many programming tools for GUI,coding etc which are far better than Microsoft products.But only a few know whats inside Linux!!
And offcourse theres lots of better developing languages that lost their fame bcoz of MS.net.The only reason i figure out is USERS.Most of the users are well known to windows compatable OS and they prefer them than others..y?..bcoz they dont want to learn anything new :eek:
Windows based products spreaded all along the world very earlier than anyone else and it got all itz users in itz control.
But ofcourse this scenario will change forever(i mean .nets will not be over).People will start developing in their own style using different tools to compete with each other.


Broken In
I am in software industry for few year, I have seen, Microsoft products are user friendly. They are all developed keeping in mind of ease of use of this products which is why they r accepted somuch. Just to give give example, take java and visual studio, which is 1 i better to use? Person who uses both software will definately like Ms


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we never had case where a better s/w was crushed with MS's monopoly in the market

its fair competition and the winner is clearly the best ie Microsoft !!!


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lol...I dont knw what to say...except that your sadly mistaken in somethings. Let me give you some facts:

- Oracle is the biggest share holder in the database market (32%)
- Java is the most used programming language in the world (33%)
- Development OS enviroment still remains with Windows.

Java has evolved, nothing comes even close to J2EE architecture. Plz dont tell me .NET which still has a long way to mature. And right now I would need a super computer to run .NET MS is doing the right thing with .NET but it still needs to evovle. Good to see cos it invovles competition for J2EE. From a java/j2ee perspective I can get everything for free. For ex:

Application server - JBOSS - an open source Application server which has high regard from the community.
IDE - There are so many to list I'll just name a few, Eclipse, Net Beans, Oracle JDeveloper to name a few.

DB - My SQL if you think that my sql is small then your sadly mistaken. Oracle themselves take it very seriously and hence they also have a free offering of a DB.

Hope this clears up some of the confusions mate.


Coming back to life ..
And Java has certainly made Microsoft to change their ways .. Now you can see that Microsoft is offering Express editions of Visual Studio for free .. (Free for a year and licensing will be decided in Mar 2006 I gather) and SQL Server Express edition for free ..
Oracle is also offering Express edition of 10g for developers free and very flexible distributing license ..
The best thing about .Net is huge MS backing .. and if price is not a factor to consider, more people will opt for it ..
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