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The HalfLife & CounterStrike Thread (with new CS trailer)

Shud this thread be made a Sticky ?

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aka. ViKiD?
hmmm..i think ur having trouble updating ur steam protocol version..because of admin rights or something..... try running steam with administrator priveleges...


Wise Old Owl
hey dude.... maybe your os is giving some problems so you should try using win XP
anyways how are you ambar aka vikid aka noob???? :p dont mind
Which servers do you guys play CS on? I just installed it today.

I've got CS installed. What's the difference between CS,CS source and CS CZ? Which one to install?
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Count Dracula

Source.It has the best graphics but gameplay is same.Still some guys prefer 1.6 (only cs) for its kinda old school feeling (Even i like that xD).Delhi has a good server named Lost Boys where i mostly play on, or some maza guy hosts a 24 player dedicated server which is also quite good. :p.Btw my nick on internet is Siddhesh xD.


Wise Old Owl
hey man ambar dont be angry with me please pick up the phone dude why do you cut it all the time man??
by the way i have changed my name online nick - deluge!?:D:D:D:D:D:shock::shock:


Maximum Effort!!!!!!
hi everybody my problem is regarding the error in the CS 1.6
i have vista as OS but when i try to load the map (start the match online~offline) the game shuts down giving me the error runtime error microsoft C++ error,, this sort of error
im not able to play the game as the game crashes (my pc specs are fine im able to run hl2 with ease) can neone provide the solution....
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