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The Great Double Standard

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wo closely timed events—today's release of Mac OS X Leopard and yesterday's big Microsoft earnings report—raise questions yet again about how Microsoft and Apple are perceived.

* Microsoft reports solid earnings quarter after quarter—and yesterday beat earnings estimates by more than $1 billion.

* Following the release of Windows 95, Microsoft could do no wrong. The company got huge preferential press treatment.

* Apple was perceived as gasping for air, as being an also-ran.

* This week, a number of tech journalists gave glowing reviews of Leopard. They received the software on Mac Book Pro laptops provided by Apple. Nowhere have I seen anyone gripe about conflicts of interest. But when Microsoft's PR agency sent bloggers preloaded Vista notebooks ahead of the operating system's launch, there were ridiculous accusations of attempted bribery. The accusations made it difficult for those receiving the Vista units to say anything positive about the operating system.

* He praised Microsoft, which provided technicians throughout the weekend as PlantCML prepared for impending trouble. It's that kind of behind-the-scene support and service to partners for which Microsoft delivers but doesn't get enough credit.

* Apple has few programs (actually none that I know of) for helping people in emerging markets. Oh, but it's cool, though, and has style.

* By contrast, Microsoft's focus for years has been the conversion to digital documents, which is hugely environmentally friendly. The company's chairman is trustee for a charitable organization with billions of dollars to give away. Microsoft's Unlimited Potential program seeks to use technology to empower people in emerging markets.

There's perception, and there's reality.

No question, Microsoft makes lots of boneheaded decisions, for which it is rightly vilified. But the company also deserves more praise than it gets. Meanwhile, strong brand perceptions—and their feel good association—lets Apple off even when it screws up.

Today will be no exception. The blogosphere will praise Leopard as the next best thing ever and use it as more proof why Vista sucks (It doesn't). Meanwhile, there will be little good said about Microsoft's colossal 2008 fiscal first quarter results. Those people acknowledging the earnings results will blame Microsoft for trying to kill Linux and babies in Africa as reasons for its success. The perception: When Microsoft competes, it cheats.

A definite definite must read! Dont just read, lets discuss it here. Thats so true, happens always. How about the preloaded OS matter, why cant apple bribe the way MS was supposed to have done?


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So True i personnally feel bad for ms as its constantly trying to improve and help us and we r all ways trying to blame them...They r innovator here they have been setting standards and for that ppl blame them saying they r depriving others of growth....
Wat i dont understand is why dont ppl think the abt other side of it.Microsoft r trying to build new better softwares and they r indirectly asking others to stand up to them and challenge them for the benefit of the ppl.
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