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Which is the team you HATE the most

  • Chelsea

    Votes: 106 27.7%
  • Manchester United

    Votes: 104 27.2%
  • Barcelona

    Votes: 43 11.3%
  • Arsenal

    Votes: 51 13.4%
  • Real Madrid

    Votes: 39 10.2%
  • A.C. Milan

    Votes: 39 10.2%

  • Total voters


Caught the second half, the referee was on their side. But after the red card, we were so bad. Fabianski lumps a goal kick, WBA players head tennis it to midfield, pass to Lukaku, cross to Arsenal defender. This passage of play was repeated 283 times after the red card. :p Rosicky was fantastic, won us the game with a couple of goals and an off-the-line clearance. Gervinho's dribble for the first goal was great too. Why can't he be more consistent?

ok. ba looks real scary.

Yeah, a bit like Ashutosh Rana in the film Sangharsh.


Spurs-Everton draw was the best result for us. Two points behind Spurs with a game in hand means it's game on! I expect Chelsea to win though.


Slideshow Bob
Two brilliant games!!! Real Madrid and Dortmund (what a game) through to the semifinals. :D:D:D

Drogba - what a goal!! Still got it!!
Eboue - thunderbasturk!!
Sneijder - still classy!!


Real and Barca would collapse without Ronaldo and Messi. Messi's just come on as a substitute and lifted the team without even doing much. Reminds me of Theirry Henry. Good old days...


Slideshow Bob
Made hard work of it but through to the semis. :D

ONE TEAM in EUROPE!! :cool:


BASEL it is. :D

Bayern vs Barca in big ears cup. Should be a good one, Barca could get knocked out. :lol:


Legend Never Ends
Real and Barca would collapse without Ronaldo and Messi.

Similar thing happened when Balotelli came on for City and they came back to defeat QPR with injury time goals to won the cup.
Although it remains as a sad memory for a United fan :mad:
^ Long time, no see on TDF!! :D

Yeah, going back to my roots :p

Honestly, Twitter has become such a clusterfvck right now I think I'll go back to using forums for my daily dose of news and tech. ico and co have made things a whole lot smoother here compared to when I left a few years ago.
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