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Which is the team you HATE the most

  • Chelsea

    Votes: 106 27.7%
  • Manchester United

    Votes: 104 27.2%
  • Barcelona

    Votes: 43 11.3%
  • Arsenal

    Votes: 51 13.4%
  • Real Madrid

    Votes: 39 10.2%
  • A.C. Milan

    Votes: 39 10.2%

  • Total voters


now the only way to qualify for the CL nxt season is to win it .... game on ....
we will win the champions league .....


no it isnt ... another 2 games ... and the world will know how poor lamps and essien have become .. then comes napoli ...
Romeu Ramires and Meireles will power our mid-field ... while torres will power us to CL glory .... its going to happen this season .... wait and watch .....

From Jack in Swansea, via 81111: "Cannot believe the attitude of some Chelsea players, no passion and no commitment. It's sad to watch, and if AVB gets sacked he only has the players to blame."


Karl Bowers from Canterbury on text: "As a Chelsea fan I am becoming more and more annoyed at the English media's witch hunt for AVB. Of course it was a bad result but it's the players who are under performing more than the manager. Considering the wages these men are on, I think their sulking attitudes on and off the pitch are a disgrace, I'd play my heart out if I was given the chance to pull on a Chelsea Shirt! AVB has to stay, after the summer and in particular a major over haul of the squad with an injection of players who want to play, that's when AVB's credentials can be put to the test."

Karl Bowers take a bow - that is the most eloquent text I think we've ever published

after tdy's sick performance ... this makes a lot of sense.....
lampard thinks he is bigger than the club ... he has to be released immediately to send a warning to other players ... that the club is always bigger ....

and finally ....
AT&T leans from BSNL & MTNL
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I am a cat
We scored all 3 goals yesterday :p

And who's he ?


Broken In
Which team does anyone HATE? ROFL.

According to me, any team can be hated only for cheating and such unsportive things on the pitch.


iinfi, you're the king. :lol:

thanks .... i have a master plan for CFC to save 10 million GBP each quarter ..... will present it to Roman nxt month on the sidelines of the owner's meet.

Rumours that AVB has been sacked. Bunnytez on his way. :(:(:(

lampard still has to go .... no second thoughts ....

after the way the senior players like Lamps performed over the last few games... it is no brainer that AVB was going to go .... AVB had the guts to drop them to the bench during the napoli tie ... but didnt have support from the management as we lost .....

the first thing the new manager (if he comes) sud do, is to make lampard play for the reserves
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