The dark side of Apple Stores


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The other side of Apple Stores: employees speak up about corruption, destruction and sexual harassment

Intentional destruction of expensive Apple devices turns out to be often a game for employees who would then just send them back to Cupertino under some pre-text. People would “test” gadgets - drop them on the floor, compete who’d crack a screen the most, and so on.

After getting used to destroying the devices you are supposed to sell comes the logical thought to actually steal it. And that’s what many did too. Phones were getting swapped numerous times for money.

And stealing meant not just the gadgets but users’ data. Whenever a hot-looking customer walked in store with a broken device, he or she would be asked for their passcode and then the device would get scanned by employees for naked pictures. Again, that sounds more like a routine, even a group-bonding exercise for Geniuses rather than an isolated case.


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Cool, keep up the good work, people who take naked pictures of themselves and keep it in a device accessible in a hundred ways deserve this.
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