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The BIG Reliance Joke!

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Broken In
Hey Guys!

Noticed reliance shouting over the roof about their "mpeg4" technology that they would use for the DTH broadcast. Thats really funny, cos mpeg4 is a compression technology that allows fitting more channels through the transponder...thats got nothing to do with picture quality/sound quality in any manner.

Therefore for the average DTH user, there's no great difference in comparision with other offerings in the market (purely from a video/audio perspective)

I am creating this thread to initiate a discussion on "technology communication" across many technology intensive brands...lets discuss whether whats being communicated is putting the product in the right light, or is it exploiting the non-understanding of technology amongst the masses!
Well, MPEG4 streams have higher quality for a given bitrate compared to MPEG2, but BOTH suck compared to newer stuff like VC/1, H.264, VP7, etc.

I don't know about TV Streams so I can't comment on what reliance is doing.
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