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The Best P.C Game ever???

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Its been say...two decades of pc gaming from pac man to halo-2, half life2 and so on....Amongst these which would one vote as the best game ever purely based on the degree of enjoyability and identifiabilty to oneself and not going just by sales and media hype.
I think my vote would go for civilization series...
say what you? :?: :?: :?: :?: :!:[/i]


POP-The sands of time

the best story, best music, best scenes, best action and of course the best GAMEPLAY

waiting for POP WW


cant choose between pacman and dave

both are the best game ever if u can take two choices

and they surely rock even on b/w screens

hope no one is unaware of these :wink:


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I have played the doom series(1, 2, 3) more than any other game. So I like them the best. Unreal Tournament (the first version) comes second.

Havent still played HL2, farcry. Will play them on my new system.

I also used to play a lot of dave, prince(1 & 2), jazz, paratrooper, space commanders, alley cat etc. these games were great in their times.

still, doom as a series is the best; according to me.



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Well mine favs keep on changing with new releases. First was Wolf3D, back some 6-7 years age. Then liked:
Age of Empires series
Need for Speed series
FIFA titles
F1 Racing Titles
Colin McRae Rally
Then came Max Payne and just got us nuts in it. Had completely bowled us with its superb gameplay, bullet time aka The Matrix, storyline, everthing was just exceptional.
Even Project IGI was quite good, with the followup release of IGI2 the XPerience was further enhanced. Enjoyed both of them.
Then the best for fraggers was undoubtly Unreal Tournament.
Now latest are Rise of Nations, FIFA 2005, DOOM 3
Haven't got my hands on Half-Life 2 yet, though it might have been in this list. Just waiting for it. Now even more impatiently after seeing such good reviews.


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vysakh said:
POP-The sands of time

the best story, best music, best scenes, best action and of course the best GAMEPLAY

waiting for POP WW

Dude which world u r in ?? POP WW is already out and i have finished 20% .. and i can say 100% better than POP SOT.. Amazing game and moves..


Call me Sumit
Metal Gear Solid

THIEF 2: The Metal Age


Since I have Intel 810 motherboard
with onboard grafix card so I like these only :(

Will upgrade soon or will take PS2 :)


Its strange no one has taken the name of the ultimate action packed game series

Grand Theft Auto (3 & above).

Cos i havent see GTA 1 and i hated GTA2.

BUt gta3, gtavc are great games all round entertainment.

I never stop playing the fifa series. i always have one installed

i never miss any game by EA Sports.

and also the Age Of Empire series


I am surprised...
I dont know about how many of you actiually played MAFIA.
I have played all of the games mentioned here and I must say Mafia is the best game I have ever played. No other game even comes close to the story and gameplay of Mafia.
The only game that made me forget that I am in year 2003 and not in 1933.
The story was absolute beauty. Realism was ther. The game had it all, drama, graphics,sound, gameplay, story.......
I rank this 2 year old game above DOOM3, HL2, HL1, CS and all games mentioned here.
Yes it was very demanding game on your hardware but it was the best game i ever played till date. Much much better than any GTA game.

My top picks in no perticular order including console and pc are.

SUper MArio
Quake 2 and 3.
Mortal combact series
Unreal tournament ( original UT )


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Since the Topic clearly mentions : The best PC game Ever . you obviously mean one PC game .
And this makes it too difficult . Games fall under various categories like FPS , strategy , Simulation . And too choose the best game among this is really hard as that thing depends entiery upon Choice ..so please allow me to be eloborate.
FPS : Doom III , Half Life 2
Strategy: Singles Filrt up your life. ( Naa simply couldn't resist that game ) :p
Simulation Need for Speed Underground 2 .

My All in one with FPS and Story : MaxPayne 2 .
Hmmm Again this brings back me to long list of games ....but really how can one choose one game to be the best .


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I vote for Metal Gear Solid. Anyone who has played it ill have o doubts whatsoeer that it is simply the best. Halo was also very good.


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i just loved the age of empires series.......
but for me rise of nations.. is the best...... i have played it more times than all of the AOE series combined together.... i think warhammer 40k mightt just edge it out.. lolz..
as far as fps....man i just loved and COD and COD UO...


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Err....Sorry For Butting into this Thread But is there any thread for
Mobile Games??

My Fav PC Game is Serious Sam SE
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