The Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money: January 2007

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the site mentions a GeForce 7600GT as ~ 125$ = Rs. ~6000 /- . ... are they really that cheap?? .. i got one for 8500/- in india some 3 months bak!!


This thread is useless. The graphics card prices are usally in dollars. That too most of card are not avaliable in india. Companies such has eVGA and BFG brands are not avaliable in india. Pretty pointless adding it here.

@ sam_1710 :- Yes the graphics card are very cheap in USA even the expensive brands. Usally people in USA buys costly graphics card. For them it is not costly. They have manufacturing plants in USA and UK. So the cards are very cheap there. India is expensive because of import tax, that tax, this tax. custom duty and vat. India is full of tax. :mad:. If they are manufacturing plants in india the graphics card price will be same has USA. sadly politics are to be blamed for this and then comes indians. For ex :- In bangalore a govrnment owned volvo bus was burned down because it had a freak accident which killed two people. Through no one know what happened to the bus. When the sweden people came here to bangalore to know what the cause. The bus was burned down to ashes by mobs.

Unless India controls their temper. No other companies will come to india.
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