The 100 Best Products of 2005 by PCWorld

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PCWorld has released list of 100 best products of 2005

What makes a product great? For 22 years, we've answered that question in the form of our World Class Awards. The products, technologies, and categories keep changing. But in 2005, as in 1983, great products meld practical features with innovation. They help you rather than annoy you. And they do it at a fair price. This year we chose 100 tools--the most in years--for work, home, and everywhere in between. Then we ranked them from 1 to 100, scrutinizing each product's design, features, performance, innovation, and price. The resulting honor roll is as wide-ranging as today's world of personal technology. (And 23 of our 100 winners have the best price of all: They're free.)

100 Best Products of 2005

Products by category

No doubts Firefox and GMail found top ranks


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Surely Gmail and Firefox has no Competitors.

But nice to find that Ubuntu also made it to the list


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Indyan said:
They rated FF as the product of the year and put Opera in 88th position.But the selected Opera as the best Browser.
A lil wierd.

May be the product means something that has gone to more ppl and is more famous and helpful..........
And Browser means something that helps to browse the internet................
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