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This game requires XML Framework 4.0 and XNA Framework.

Let's play this online. Someone host a server.


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Yeah, I bought this game but Aquaria is taking up much of my time. I'll pop in once I get the basics down in Single player.


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Yep I'm getting started with it.

Have a look, been like this for a few days now:

Current Players Peak Today Game

43,560 65,398 Team Fortress 2
18,474 24,335 Terraria
16,163 57,406 Counter-Strike
15,087 56,307 Counter-Strike: Source
12,941 19,039 Sid Meier's Civilization V
8,061 13,653 Left 4 Dead 2
7,180 12,057 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
6,578 10,336 Garry's Mod
6,529 22,454 Call of Duty Black Ops - Multiplayer
6,293 8,153 Fallout New Vegas

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It reminds me a lot of Myst and Riven, in that you're just thrown into the world and have to figure stuff out for yourself. No holding hands here, and I like it :)


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I played it last night online (server hosted by me) with a friend from Canada. Surprisingly, there was no lag...except a bit in combat for him. This is a game that's meant to be played online, I'd get bored fast if it was only SP to be honest.

I wonder if anyone here can host a dedicated server.


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^^OP can host a server. ping me on steam id and we can play on saturday night.


Sorry for bumping it, but was checking if anyone play this game on tdf.

I played only 5 hrs and liked it very much. But since solo game can be kind of boring and difficult at times, I was wondering if we can play together.
Also, how many players can join single game?
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