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Damn I feel so bad for not being able to play yesterday. Had to go to a relative's place and I returned after 10.

Let's utilize the BF3 server to full extent. Anyone up for tactical squad game play(A.K.A. team trolling :p)

Come online tonight, for BF3.


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Played Drift 1 with Kaz, Anorion and SunE. Needless to say I again lost all match. But I think I am making progress. Completed a race for the first time *Evar* :D

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[MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] [MENTION=56202]Anorion[/MENTION] [MENTION=57860]thetechfreak[/MENTION] [MENTION=77264]Vyom[/MENTION] [MENTION=121890]kaz[/MENTION] [MENTION=119713]nikku_hot123[/MENTION] and for everyone, here is a little compilation I made today:

YouTube link is : GRID LAN Party - PlayDate - 1 - YouTube

Everyone will be there by or after 7 PM (IST) on Sunday, July 20, 2014.
So come and add someone so you can be invited to group chat and yes as [MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] said, do a trial run with him because when PD starts, no one's gonna do any troubleshooting.

You guys made absolute fun of a semi-arcade racing game. Rapists. Had to close to ears & eyes too...those swearing words.


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:lol: that was epic [MENTION=73844]gameranand[/MENTION] 's voice is a trademark :D

anyone wants to play GRAW2 over the weekend? been a long time...
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