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TCL 40R300 TV HDMI ports stopped working


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Hi Digit

HDMI ports on my TCL TV have stopped working all of a sudden. There are 2 ports and both fail to display any picture now on the screen and instead just shows no signal. I tried changing the HDMI cable and also unplugging the TV from the switchboard for 10 minutes and also pressing the power button for 30 seconds for any chance to hard reset the TV but nothing worked. It looks like the HDMI ports have received a hardware failure. The AV port works fine. Also I noticed my DVD player doesn't turn on anymore and it was plugged to the TV via the AV cable. Could it have been an electric short circuit that could have corrupted both the DVD player and HDMI ports on the TCL TV? Both were working fine last week and I used the HDMI port 1 to connect the set top box and HDMI port 2 to connect an Apple TV.

If this is a hardware failure then how much would it cost for the repair work. Can the ports be repaired without replacing the whole motherboard? Is it an easy task or is there some other reason the ports may have failed?



Caused due to voltage spike by a lightning strike via the cable tv box antenna . In case of heavy rain and lightning always unplug modem(router) lan cable antenna wire ... Happened to me on my vu tv . The mother board was changed as the tv was in warranty .


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Oh I see yeah it’s the same case in mine too. Must have happened in the same way. Spoke to service centre guys and they will replace my motherboard. The strange thing is my DVD player also got fried. The best thing I would do next time is turn off those switches.
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