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Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo 2008

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I guess one thing Tata has really done well is to give customisation option with this car, here is something I designed, guess this is what I m gonna buy soon :D





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hmm...where is the engine :confused: rear?it is more like pain in the azz :D if u have to jumpstart!like how to open,engine bay(if any?) ?


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its rather sick to hear people comparing this car to hondas and mercs .. manual up down window is an issue to ehm :? maruti 800 is the same ;) and it seems like people are either dumb, blind or deaf or may be all 3 - they cant seem to read, hear or under stand that the car meets all safety and crash norms .... but still they will keep saying i dont know whether the car is safe or no :?

and for those who say that this car will make the roads congested .... whenever we go to a marriage we congratulate the 2 and not protest the marriage saying u will increase the population ... the car is for the indian lving in the 2 tier and 3 tier city who has always looked at a car and said i wish i could own 1 .... its not meant for ht 1s who can afford a honda city ... if they want to buy 1 its the who is congesting the road


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Its bad to think... it will lead to traffic jams,...... etc.
Goverment shld think of alternate ways for that....
Point the goverment, if traffic jam occurs and not the car company!

Whatever technology it shld reach all....
Hope this will reach !!

Really v shld encourage it... :)


Imagine ..... replace half of current running two wheelers with NANO.....:evil: ... In my city Pune we are already facing trafficjams.. next year will be HELL

and yes I ll be buying it :D


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^every big/small cities/towns are facing traffic jams regularly.for eg: i live in a small town,here also it takes around 15-20 minutes to travel inside town :x I hope the roads are wider!afaik pune got freeway and all!


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Has anyone got the pics of the New Sumo, Indica and Indigo? The new Sumo looks similar to a pajero from the front, but I couldn't find any pics.

These are the only pics I found:

New Indica:


New Sumo:

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Indica look cool (rear half)


Tata Indica




& this is a display car :D

06 January 2008
The Air-o-Car
Well it turns out that the zero-emissions car will be will us sooner than we thought. It doesn't run on hydrogen, vegetable oil, coal or even atomic power. It runs on Air, and it's called the MiniCat.

While you might think this is a flight of fancy, don't dismiss it too quickly as TATA Motors has just signed an agreement with Moteur Developpment International ( MDI ) to introduce the technology to the burgeoning Indian market.

Of course it's not strictly a zero-emissions car, more an emissions displacement car. You won't be burning fuel locally ( on the streets ) but you will be using power generated through the national grid to compress air. Also, driving around with a tank of air compressed to 4300psi does sound a little risky.

Tata Sumo Phoenix

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sumo looks like a modified safari

am i missing something or the gauges are in the middle :confused:

aneesh kalra

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the car has wider wheels at the rear to counter oversteer but would have loved the opposite and then lots of oversteer=lots of drift:grin:
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