task manager in win98

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i wanted to know that is there any good task manager so that i can shut down the hung processes in win98SE without restatrting my pc ????


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even i was looking for this.
ive recently got this software i thinks its name is wintasks v.4 it really kicks ass. haven't installed it myself, seen it on friends PC...wait ill install and see....


Man its even better than winXPs taskmanager...get it, it even ingrates with ur [ctrl]+[alt]+[del]..beware it creates major probs sometimes, it will replace ur conventional taskmanager and then when u uninstall ? it ceated major problem on win2k3 server

With WinTasks 4 Professional, you pump up the speed of your PC - and stomp attacks on your precious privacy and security. In just a few clicks!

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Process descriptions - You don't have to tolerate security threats and spyware any longer - stop them now!
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Built-in scripting language - WinTasks puts the power in your lap - create your own scripts to monitor and control all running processes.

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Startup viewer - Tired of waiting? Make your PC start faster by removing unwanted programs permanently.


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hey sniper ..
i had some problems with Wintasks
The program simply didnt use to start
no error message .. no nothing...
just an icon used to come in task manager and then within a second or two it wud disappear..
any help anybody


Version 2.0
I am not very sure about it..coz i have stopped using 98 for last 4-5 years

but i thknk typing drwatson in start - run might show u the processes running...

but try it coz i am not sure about it very much..



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alib_i...buddy to tell u the truth, wintask is not running here either. exactly the same problem. ill try updating to version 5. i think i have the old version 4.5 or somethin
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