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In the zone
Dear All,

Im running Tally 4.5 on DOS on a system with DOS and winxp in dual boot.
Off late my Tally 4.5 has started give some error. It runs fine, in one of the accounts when I change the Financial yr, it asks for the books to be carried forward, i say yes then it exits tally and comes back to DOS and shows the error:

TALLY Abnormal Completion
Status : 10
Error Reading $LYr_109.008
A : 0
B : 1
C : 1

Error Reading Data. Probable Media Corruption.

What could be the issue?
How can I rectify it?
Its a really important data, pls help

Thanks in advance



In the zone
I was using this version till the day i got myself tally9!
I used the tally converter tool to convert the data. Firstly the data did not convert, and secondly it stopped working in this version too!!!
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