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System got in trouble after installing Windows XP SP 2

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hello every one

i just reformatted my PC and installed windows XP professional edition on my P4, 256 MB ram, 845 board system,after installing windows and all graphic drivers and some necessary softwares i installed SP1 which didnt give me any problem,,,after 2 days i installed SP2 [final] the instalation went smoothly and also installed Sp2 successfully....and i restarted my PC as when prompted,,,everything is fine but my sytem became very slow,,
for example before installing SP2 i installed some ram saver it was showing some 170 mb of free ram on my system,,but after installing it shows only something around below 50 MB of ram,,,i was surprised to that how could it eat that much of resourses ,,,,,,

and also after installing sp2 the login screen doesnt show WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL EDITION it shows Only as WINDOWS XP how could it forget professional edition

please some one help me to put sense in my sytem
thanking u all


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Please post your HijackThis Logfile for better assesment of your problem.

And for the second query, It seems that Microsoft have for some weird reason have made that change .. You can find what edition you run by checking the color of the progress bar that displays while booting up .. Its blue for Professional and Green for Home edition ...


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- had trouble with xp sp2 updating all the drivers from its cab instead of leaving the original drivers for motherboard , graphics etc .

- u can try to reinstall all the drivers for all devices including motherboard and stuff . try removing unwanted graphics / animation / drive index .

- what was the software u installed with xp sp1 ? reinstall ur antivirus , norton has issues with sp2 . u can check microsoft website for apps that cause problems with sp2 .

- i think u can revert to ur original logon screen by extracting a file from original cd . havent tried , is it worth changing anyway .

- r y using ntfs or fat32 ? analyz and defrag ur disk . if u have firewall program already disable the one within xp . good time to increase ur ram too


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win xp sp2 has conflict issues with over 200 proggies which include even ms office!!!!!!!!

also it has a lot of default settings turned on which can drastically reduce ur systems free mem and slow down ur box!!!!!!!

as for now sp2 is not that imp acc to me!!!!!!!


SP2 is very important from the security point of view
it plugs up almost holes in windows ... its quite a must have ...


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Do the basics, Clean all garbage files, reinstall IDE drivers if your system is running in PIO mode (Check it under system--hardware--device manager--IDE ATP/ATAPI CONTROLLER--Property), Tune up starters at msconfig and defrag with any 3rd party defrag manager and let me know.


Thats not the proper way of installing SP2. If you want the best performance from SP2/XP, then create a slipstreamed XP + SP2 CD and install XP freshly (after a format of course). This way, you wont have to install sp1/2 seperately, you wont have any compatibility problems, plus XP+SP2 (slipstreamed) is 5% faster than the original XP. If you want to create your own XP+Sp2 slipstreamed cd, then download nLite from http://nuhi.msfn.org



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hey dexter...plz tell me something too...i chkd the site and it says that i need Framework before i can use nLite...i chkd (as it says) in my add/remove programs list but there was no mention...i use WinXP Pro SP1 and updated totally...also which version shud i download...there is a STABLE and a NEWEST...??? thanx...


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sp2 is a little slow as it has much of the features enabled but it should not give problems after the booting process has finished.
you can also integrate sp2 using the following command line parameter. steps to be followed. Copt the winXP CD to a folder say e:\winxp
suppose ur sp2 is in e:\xpsp2
just type the following line in thr un dialog
e:\xpsp2\sp2.exe -s:e:\winxp


Hello! Mr. it_waaznt_me and others, I have also installed Windows XP SP2 and it works fine on my Windows XP Home Edition. The only thing that i noted is the boot up screen shows only Windows XP and the Home Edition line is removed, and the progress bar has been turned to BLUE colour, so how do you distinguish which OS version u are running???? Or is there a way to get back the line "Home Edition" on the bootup screen ???
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